What We Do

For the global Travel Industry:

We are a source of innovation We sell, deliver and support innovative software/service solutions as accredited by us

For SME software/service companies:

We vet your product and provide a unique sales channel to the global travel industry


Our Portfolios

Meeting Marketing Needs

There are many SME entreprises, with cool, innovative, often SaaS based software solutions, but lack the knowledge and resources to market internationally. Travel Innovation Partners focuses upon four principle portfolios and provides a range of solutions that both enhance the experience from a consumer viewpoint, increase revenue, improve efficiencies, manage risk, and reduce cost for the travel industry.

security Communications & Security

Effective, reliable and competitive communications are an essential element of operations. New applications enable significant gains in cost, functionality and security.

ecommerce eCommerce processes

As the centre of travel industry commercial gravity moves on-line, effective eCommerce from every perspective is an imperative.

data Data Management

Cheap processing and storage has enabled the era of Big Data. In the drive to improve customer engagement and identify revenue opportunities, effective aggregation and analysis of data is a strategic attribute.