Creating Value


So how do we deliver our strategy?

We liken delivery to continually building and growing a three legged stool, keeping all three legs in balance as we do so and we grow.

The three legs are Partners, Suppliers and Selling.

(1) Partners
We have an evolving global network of Partners and Associates. All of them are seasoned travel professionals with excellent contacts in airlines, airports and travel management companies

(2) Suppliers
Our Chief Innovation Officer and his team are always on the lookout for innovative products and services that add value. We are already being approached by SME’s who have neither the coverage nor the skills to distribute on a global basis. See our home page for further details

Our third leg. We are building a global network of experienced sales professionals and Associates, people who understand the travel market and have the skills and knowledge to add value.

In summary, Partners, Suppliers, and a Salesforce working together to create value for both innovative suppliers and of course travel industry customers.