The DataExchange– If Content is King, then data is the food of Kings. The DataExchange provides a unique opportunity for travel industry enterprises to sell and trade data. Standalone, enterprise only data has limited utility, but by trading data to create a richer data set, enterprises are able to make more effective use of their […]


Online Reputation Management by SiteVisibility.Negative online mentions of your company, brand, yourself, your product or service can damage reputations, relationships and your bottom line. Online reputation management ORM problems occur as a result of negative social media comments, complaint sites, scandals (personal or corporate), competitor and malicious attacks among others. In the digital age once […]


SeatID socializes  the online travel products purchase process.  It allows customer to choose a seatmate or a shopper based on their social network profiles upon they purchase a flight or a hotel room. It pulls in Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, sharing which of their friends are on which flight, staying in which hotel. Improve customers […]


Providing a range of security applications, Regify specifically addresses emails where reliable security is of high importance or value. Regify apps ensure the secure end to end management of sensitive data in the executive suite, in payrole and in commercial transactions. Visit

Interglobe Technologies

InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) is a global travel domain expert providing travel technology and BPO services that help maximize business performance for its customers. IGT is committed to delivering innovation and business excellence across the entire spectrum of the travel and hospitality domain. The company offers Integrated Application Development and Maintenance‚ Contact Center, Back Office Services and […]

Grasp Technologies

Grasp Technologies With 16 years of industry experience Grasp Technologies excels in providing Business Intelligence software that enables corporations and travel intermediaries to quickly make sense of disparate and fragmented data sources, so accurately reflecting travel spend and identifying opportunities for synergies in both cost and business efficiency. They work with travel management companies, corporations and […]


EdiFly provides next generation secure end to end messaging for operational systems in the aviation industry at significantly lower cost than the existing options. Think about Message over IP rather than VOIP (voice). EdiFly is also an effective tool to manage your existing networks. Visit

Travel Innovation Partners

Market Entry Strategies With our unique knowledge of Asian travel markets, we deliver cost effective market entry surveys and strategy recommendations